What They’re Supposed To Do

They’re doing what they’re suppose to do! Have you been hearing that…? Well what are they doing that I’m not…the questioning starts.  Strong Support System, Responsibility, Accountability and Determination….FOCUSED…that’s all on their checklist, but what’s on yours?

 So many times we get caught up saying what we want to do, but we never put it into action. We use “I asked so and so to help me, but they’re not doing their part, or they’re working on their own project”.

“So and So” is doing what he or she has to do to get where they want to be! They’re not letting anything get in the way of them doing what they want. You shouldn’t either. How important is your vision?  How much time and effort are you willing to invest to make your vision a reality? That’s  what you need to think about.  Hold yourself accountable and sacrifice. Don’t depend on others to help you get where you want. Overtime, I’ve learned others aren’t going to always be available when you need them. If you continue to wait on them, you will never get what you need to get done. Learn how to do what it is that you want, that way you can do it yourself without always chasing after other people. I’m not saying that you won’t need others in the long run to help you, because it’s definitely about networking. I’m just saying the things that you can do and learn on your own…do it! Those are the things that will make you more marketable and standout from the rest.  We’re making progress!!


You’ve  got what it takes, believe in you, and make it happen. Stop worrying and looking at them make it. Look at yourself and say… as long as I’m doing my part and what I’m supposed to do. I’ll come out on top… the rest will fall into place!

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