Mirror Mirror

Have you ever looked in the mirror and looked at all the good things you posses instead of looking for all of the bad things?           empty-mirror

I bet you just looked in the mirror and fixed something that you thought was wrong. That’s what mirrors are for…. right?…Or at least that’s what we think they are for.

What about all the good things that mirror shows us? The things we choose to ignore, because we feel we don’t look good enough, or there is someone telling, or making us feel that we are not good enough.   

I’m here to tell you that’s all negativity. No one deserves to make you feel less than who God created you to be. I can say it over and over and over, that you are worth more than you know. You’re beautiful. Everything that God creates is BEAUTIFUL, the beauty however begins to dissolve when you add man to the mix.  Man referring to man-made things. We are so used to turning on the television and looking at the size zero models and how gorgeous they are because they have nice ‘photoshopped’ boobs, pretty air brushed faces and long gorgeous hair.  What happens to that when they go to sleep at night….? It has to come off and they are just like you and me.  They become the “average female”. There’s nothing wrong with being average, if being average means being you, the true you and not having to hide behind layers of makeup, extensions (weaves) and starving yourself to death just to be someone you are not.

As I said before, God made everything BEAUTIFUL. I don’t believe that God would create a single ugly thing. From the beginning of time everything God created, he said was good. Read Genesis chapter one. After God created EVERY SINGLE thing on earth he said it was good. And since he created each one of us, we too are the good that God created. God says you are good just as you are. Think about it!!!  Be Blessed! ❤

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