Solution to Overload



Your day has just began. Work awaits,errands need to be ran, and don’t dare forget get about making it to evening classes on time. What about that project you’ve been working on for awhile,but it seems like it’s not going anywhere, because you can’t  catch a break to brainstrom, or even work on it because everytime you try, something else awaits. Wait… that’s not it… you’re home, a friend calls they say “it’s extremely important” and they need to talk, your neighbor is an elderly person and need you to help him or her fix something. Mom and dad calls they need you to stop by because they need help with something too. Oh gosh that stupid online test is due a few hours,but you’ve already said yes to everything else. It just got real! The STRESS has just kicked in!


So, what do you do? You need to finish things… you want to help everyone out because that’s who you are “The  Person That’s Always Willing” to help”. Everyone knows if they can’t depend on anyone else, they can **Always** depend on you. Now the question is “what should you do”,
because you don’t want to let anyone down.

Here’s an even bigger question “What about YOURSELF”. What if you’re letting yourself down? What I mean by that is, if your putting a lot of wear- and- tear on your body, how are you going to be of any good use to anyone granted yourself. What I’m trying to say is you have to pick and choose. You can’t do everything by yourself.


Let’s take a look at Exodus 18:13-18. In the scriptures you see that  Moses is a man with many responsibilities. All day each and every day,the Isrelites would come to him for everything. Moses being a “people pleaser” tried to make sure he met all of their needs. If you read futher you will find, God told Moses through his father-in-law that his task was too heavy for him “The thing that you are doing is not good…You are not able to perform it all by yourself” (Exdous:18:17-18). That’s what I want you to take from this blog, you can’t do everything by yourself, sometimes you have to ask for help, even if you’re a stubborn person(**like me lol**) and don’t like to ask. If you don’t you will burn yourself out and won’t be able to help anyone. With that being said…When things get crazy and overbearing as they sometimes will, don’t be afraid to ask for help”.


Have a Blessed Day,


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