JUDGMENTAL…..whoo…now that’s  big word that’s been floating around in the air lately.

I mean doesn’t it  sound kinda of frightening to even think someone is watching you that closely and judging you on*** EVERYTHING*** they see you do? Even the little things you thought went unnoticed. Crazy right? So the other day…I was having a talk with one of my friends…everyone that knows me knows I love to talk…hence I have a blog lol. But seriously…we got on the topic of religion and he asked me…”Why are Christians so judgemental”. I had to laugh to myself for a moment, because I couldn’t say it was untrue, because I see a lot of it and have experienced a lot of it. The thing is…it’s not just Christians…we all judge one another to form or degree. Is it right? No, because we all make mistakes. That comes with life. So I wrote a little piece to express how I feel about being  judgemental..I hope it  gets my point across….

You can see from the outside lookin in…

But can you hear my heart speaking from within

It speaks of love, forgiveness and hope…

But you’re blinded by the past

And that past won’t let you get to the present

Instead it makes you JUDEMENTAL

Knowing good and well we all sin  and fall short of the glory of Christ

Jude not and not be judge

But how can that be so,

If I’m living a life in a world where people say one thing…

But don’t practice what they preach when the door is closed?

Yet we’re so quick to quote a scripture

And that’s fine by all means

Just remember the devil can quote a scripture,

And actions speak louder than words

So before casting stones, and turning judgemental

Look at the reflection starriing back at you in the mirror…

And think…has my closet always been squeaky clean.

God Bless

Felicia _Yolanda

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