It’s funny when you’re placed on the other side of the fence. You know  when you’re the person that’s in the awkward position and your definitely not used to it. Yeah…that was me not too long ago…and I’ll be the first to say “IT SUCKS”!!! Without going into too much details…I had to put on my big girl pants and make a decision.

Huge decisions are the worst when you feel you have two important things riding on the edge, just knowing the ball is in your hands ,and time is running out. Do you aim for the  shot knowing you have a 50/50 chance of making it, and a lot of people are counting on you,or do you start doubting yourself and start believing ..there’s not enough time? The clock is ticking….. Everyone is rooting for you…”Make the Shot”, but, what if the shot isn’t that easy and your decision involves someone you care for and your  career? How do you cope with that,and deal with it, because no likes to be placed in an uncomfortable position?  So with this blog I want to give you some tips on decision making.

One thing I learned about the situation I was in.. is that everyone isn’t going to give you the advice you would like to hear. In fact, some are going to confuse you even more, and make you question whether the first decision you were going to make is the right choice. So, when asking for others opinons… go in knowing that it’s not always going to be positive and what you what to hear. But, listen at what they have to say because it may help you become more confident in the choice you were going to make in the beginnning.

Next, I want to  say is don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you  don’t want to do. No one likes to feel uncomfortable, and no one should be placed in an uncomfortable position. So if  you feel you are being pressured, let that person know that you are uncomfortable, and that you don’t like to be placed in positions where you  feel you are being forced to do something. It’s ok to speak up…trust me I’m learning how to each day.

If the situation is extremely heavy on your heart and mind  night and day….that’s when you know it’s deep and that  you need to bring in extra help. I’m talking about the one who will guide you through the situation, and take and ease the clutter and chaos or whatever it is that’s causing you discomfort in your life. That person is God. I may be young but I’m a strong believer in the God I serve.I know he can move mountains and that there isn’t any sitaution that’s too big for him to handle. You just have to trust and have faith in Him. So the best advance is, go to Him in prayer, ask him to guide you with your decision making. Ask Him to take away the discomfort and to help you make the right choice that’s best for you, and whoever else is involved in the situation. I’m telling you, you will be awed at how clear things will begin to become. He will place it in your heart and always remember… you can never go wrong when you truly listen to  your heart.

God  Bless,


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