SWAG! A strong witness about God that’s me

Because if I told you my story you’d be amazed by His grace and mercy..And awed by the power of **FAITH**

But you too have a story

Cause that test you went through could serve as a testimoy…

Shedding light on others falling short of his glory..

Showing that he is God and God alone

No idol can compare or come before him

And while you were sitting in distraught, thinking you were going through it.

He wrote it in his words saying “It’s already done”…SWAG!

Even in the times of little Faith…somehow he always makes a way.

And that’s the swag I choose to honor

Cause when my back is against the wall and I feel all hope is gone…

I look back at all he’s brought me through.

And  my SWAG..is the realist because I’m not ashamed to admit it….

I am nothing… without HIM.

A Strong Witness About God I will forever be.

Now tell me what you know about SWAG!

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