The Thing About the Past

The Thing About the Past

You know the saying “Expect the unexpected”, that’s what I had to do the other day when I was watching Netflix. In the movie a woman got hit by a car. She had a broken leg and broken arm. Her family and friends weren’t the best at taking care of her, because they had their own life they were trying to maintain.

In the movie the woman kept thinking back to her ex-boyfriend, who she selflessly took care of for two years, while he was battling cancer. After he overcame  cancer, he cheated on her, left her, and struck a 6-million-dollar deal. One day she decided to call him and ask him if he could come talk to her in person, because she wanted him to know she was going through a hardship.

After seeing her, he asked her “What do you want from me…is it money…how much? She looked at him with hurt, then reminded him about the time he was dealing with cancer, how she was there for him no matter what. She told him all she wanted him to do was take care  of her,like she took care of him. Of course, he didn’t want to hear, or do that, because she was a thing of his “past” That’s when the word guilt comes in, because he did it, but at the bare minimum.
Later in the movie the he said  something that stood out to me, he told his ex “the reason I left you wasn’t because I didn’t love you, it was because I didn’t want to be reminded of my past” Now that’s deep! I say that because there’s a message behind the words…and that is…you can’t always run from your past. It may not be the best, but sometimes your past is going to be what makes you strong enough to make it to  your future. My advice is don’t hide what you have been through, nine times out of ten, you’re going to have to face it later. When you do, let it serve as a testimony not only  for others, but also for you. It will let you know that if you mad it through that situation, you can definitely make it through what you are  going through now!

God Bless,

~Don’t forget to put on your billion-dollar smile~

Felicia _Yolanda

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