It’s typical to want something you can’t have, even though you know it’s not good for you. It’s like the forbidden fruit. It looks good, smells good, and you want to just go for it because it keeps teasing and tempting you. Right? Before you go after that “forbidden fruit”, you may want to think twice. Here’s why!

We’ve all heard the saying “everything that looks good isn’t good for you”. Some of you know have experienced, it. I know  I have. But, even though it may be good at the moment that doesn’t mean consequences won’t come up later. Everything we do has consequences…good or bad. Temptation is no joke, but really think about “What do you have to lose”? Also,think about whatever or whoever you’re being tempted by…is it, he or she really worth it?

Think about when Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden. They had everything they needed. All they had to do was stay away from the forbidden fruit on the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Then, there was temptation. You know when you get alone and your mind starts to wander, and starts telling  you to do things you shouldn’t. Or even better it makes someone you know you shouldn’t be looking at,look more appealing than usual.  Yep! That’s temptation. It paints beautiful pictures of things making them  look enticing for that moment. We’ll call it “Our Forbidden fruit”. For Eve her forbidden fruit was right there in front of her, and she had someone encouraging her to go for it.Ever had that happen? That “what do I have to lose question, pops in your head momentarily, but temptation overpowers at times “And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was delightful to look at, a tree to be desired in order to make one wise,she took of its fruit and ate it”(Genesis 3:6)

Whoops! Too late to turn back now, it’s already done. That’s a prime example of how easily temptation can occur and things can get easily get into our heads. Were there consequences?  Of course. Ladies we experience and endure the pain at the end of 9 months and sometime earlier when giving birth. We can’t forget about Adam, his consequences were hard work/labor.

I’m not saying everything your mind or someone encourages you to do is  wrong.  I’m just asking you to think before you act, and be careful who you let encourage you. In life we can save ourselves  a lot of trouble and heartache if we think before we act. For more on the story of Adam and Eve and their experience with the forbidden fruit read  Genesis Chapter 3.

Until next time,

Felicia Yolanda  ❤

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