A Message For My Girls

The world that we live in is making it tough

But you have to stand your ground and remember it’s a plus.

You could easily get caught in the moment

Get wooed and awed by lust

But what’s a moment if you’re left moment less

What he said and did got you caught up

The mood was set, the picture was painted….and his words were oh so smooth

And for that moment it was clear …
you felt …he was yours and you were his

But then that moment ended,

No calls no texts

Another day passes and still no reply

And in that moment you start to wonder

Was it really worth it?

Better yet …was he really worth it..?

But, See my dear you are worth it.

You’re a precious jewel created by God for one alone.

But the challenge comes when you want to test and feel the waters

But remember… when the water gets to deep you’re liable to sink

So when you’re enticed by his words…

Remember…a jewel can only take so much before its damaged.

It’s not if he’s worth it, the fact is your worth it …Meaning you are worth the wait

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