Unlocking The Key To An Amazing Meal


Ambitious…Creative… and Passionate are ony a few words to describe Chef Blair Mingo. I had the honor of being on set of Chef Blair Mingo’s  “The Playful Chef”. When I tell you, I was impressed, I was seriously  IMPRESSED! One of the things that stood out to me the most, was his amazing personality. Untitled design (1)He had a strong connection with his audience, and there was never dull moment. As I looked around the room, there was never a moment I didn’t see someone with a smile on their face, especially when it came down to tasting the food. I can’t tell you enough how AMAZING the food was. There wasn’t a single complaint from the auidience, just, questions of “can you give me your receipe”  It’s days later and I’m still talking about it. Everyone that knows me,knows I’m picky when it comes down to potato salad. There’s only two people’s potato salad I will get near… that’s my mom’a and one of my cousin’s aunt’s. After Chef Blair’s presentation, I kept hearing people talk about how amazing his potatoe salad was, so I had to try it. Well, let’s just say he’s now added to my list. Chef Blair just makes everything so simple no matter what it is, from quick 15 minute meals to dessert. He also makes cooking look fun instead of like a daily routine.  Of course I wanted to know where his inspiration,passion and skills came from… and from what I saw there is no doubt it’s straight from his heart and two women. I know these two women must be extremely proud of him, his mother and his grandmother. What’s even more inspiring although he started in their kitchens he didn’t stop there he went a bit further and attended the Art Institute of Charleston, and worked as  a line cook a few restuarant’s during his college career.

Now he’s a senior cooking instructor for Charleston Cooks pairing his love for people, and the treasured southern cuisines he grew up with as a child…with his profound culinary 13140935_10209221672324968_1414871790_nknowledge. Chef Blair says his  motto is “Great food comes from the soul, and it’s up to us to unlock, the key to an amazing meal”. I for one can say…he’s on the way to unlocking
the heart of America with his personality and great meals. It’s so amazing to see this  young man from Lancaster, South Carolina  journey towards pursuing his dream. What’s
even more fasinating he is only in his early 20’s and already working on getting his show aired on networks. If that isn’t drive and ambition, I don’t know what is. It’s not everyday you  meet someone as determined as him. If you want to follow his journey and check out some of his receipes, follow  him on Facebook, just search for “Blair Mingo”. I’m sure he will steal your heart, just as he has stolen mine and my friends.


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