Spritual Gifts Are Like Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a popular household plant and is  often called the ‘miracle plant ‘ or the natural’ healer. If you’re the owner of  one like I am,then  you know it has many benefits and surprises.
In a conversation I had with a friend , I explained in an analogy that our spiritual gifts are comparable to aloe.

When given the proper nourishment and given time to grow and mature, our gifts can be used to help heal and comfort others. But if we allow it to dry out or simply leave it unattended, our gift can wither and then it will not have the same impact that it could have had.

No matter what your gift is or how much of an impact you may think that it has, nurture your gift. Allow your gift to become a useful and helpful agent to benefit others in this journey that we call life.


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