I was talking to a good  friend of mine not to long ago, of course it was about life and relationships. I questioned him about if I was asking for too much when it comes to relationships …I told him I just want someone who is as attracted to me, as I am to him, someone who is willing to show me that I don’t have to be the first one to make a move, like sending the first text, always being the  one who has to schedule  for us to spend time together. I also told him I want someone who I can  help build, and that can help build me, not necessarily a marriage right now, but if it were to come to that, I would want to be able to feel in my heart, that I could see myself spending the rest of my life with that person, and not think twice.


By saying that, I realized  I’ve truly grown as a person,  when I was younger that would have never came out of my mouth. I was afraid to be able to open up  my heart to anyone, because I was afraid they would break it, and no one likes to be heartbroken. I used to tell my friends if a guy told me he loved me,  I would just look at him and possibly run ( young and dumb right?). Now, i’m telling my friends, I’m looking for growth, the person I can build with, work towards an empire, carry out a legacy, be the power couple that inspires others in our generation that have giving up on true love,or don’t think it exist anymore.


Sometimes the thought of that is scary because  in our generation, not too many people are  looking for the same thing. It seems everyone is wrapped around “having a good time,or living in the moment because of “YOLO”.  I just question what happened to chivalry…and how do we get it back when our minds are being corrupted by lyrics, and the things we see on tv. I guess that why I get butterflies in my stomach and can’t help  but to smile when I see social media posts about couples that have been together for over 20 years and counting. Those are the relationships I look up to, because those couple chose to find a way to make it work even in the rough times, signing out wasn’t an easy option .  They are true example of making things work, and to me that’s beautiful.


The thing about beauty today is it keeps transforming…definition of beauty -sex, money drugs,big boob big butt.. you fill in the rest…NO LOVE,  but once that gets old what do you have left to hold on to…. Sometimes I feel people run from the best thing that could happen to them. Of course you have options, but make sure the option you choose is the what’s ***BEST*** for you in the long run, not that moment, or a few months. In conclusion, I told my friend if you have something good that’s right in front of you, and not giving you a reason to run away… but run to them…than that’s worth giving  them a try and holding on to them.


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