Do Your Part

A few days ago I was down and out about a certain situation I was going through. Today,  It really dawned on me,  no matter what situation you’re going through  it’s not too big for God. I know this sounds cliché, however it never gets too old to remind ourselves that all things are possible through God who strengthens us, but we have to do our job, by keeping our faith. Matthew 17:14-20 talks about Jesus healing a boy with a demon that his disciples could not heal. The disciples asked Jesus why they couldn’t cast the demons out of the boy, Jesus told them….if they had faith the size of the Mustard Seed, they could move mountains. What I take away from these scriptures  is how can we truly think something is  going to work for us, or pray to God over and over to bless us with certain things , but we don’t have faith. To me, that’s like attempting to run a 5k without putting in the effort to train to complete the run. It’s not going to work… Faith without works is dead”, James2:14. Constantly remind yourself of that, no matter how things look, or start to get, when you least expect it God will turn your situation around ,and things will work in your favor. Trust me on this one. I’m speaking from experience. 🙂

May God continue to bless you,


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