Just A Little Modification  

I don’t always get the chance to talk to my  friends due to different work schedules. However, when we do talk, it’s always a great conversation. A friend of mine called not too long ago telling me about a church event he was planning. Things weren’t going exactly how he wanted. People started canceling at the last minute. Don’t you just hate that!  I wish I could have helped, but didn’t know exactly how. During our talk, he said something that I’ll never forget, he said ” I learned we can plan things, but God is the one who modifies it”.  That’s powerful all within itself right ? Of course we’re always told “God is in control”, but have we really said it out loud lately, and wholeheartedly believed it. I know there are plenty of times I get frustrated about things because they don’t go according to how I’ve  planned. In the heat of the of the moment, I don’t always stop to think God has a bigger and better plan, but imagine if I did, or you did. That would stop a lot of frustration and a whole lot of stress, because it’s showing your Faith in what God can and will do. That’s exactly what I believe God wants from each one of us, Faith. Going back to my friend and I conversation, he told me he had to put all of his faith in God even when things were not looking up for his event that was about 2-3 days away. Yes he could have cancelled ,but then his story wouldn’t be a testimony of God’s modification. I was told his event was a success. Yes a few people were modified, which wasn’t apart of the plan , but  it lead to a great program. Modified… now that’s a great word to keep in the back of your mind, don’t get upset when things aren’t going as planned, know that it’s being modified, and made into something bigger and better .Imagine if we all started thinking that way, there would be a lot of positivity flowing around in the atmosphere.  Continue to be blessed!


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