Faith- the substance of things hoped for,and the evidence of things not seen. (~Hebrews 11:1~)…

Not too long ago a friend and I were talking about Faith.  He made a joke, and said he keeps a jar of mustard seeds, and every time I say the word NO to him, he throws a seed away.  It was funny to me at the moment,so   I laughed. Then,  I started to think, “What if we all had a jar of mustard seeds”.Except, when someones says no, or  certain doors  close in our lives, instead of getting upset, we add a mustard seed to our jar of Faith. How powerful would that be, and how unstoppable would that make us? It’s so easy to let people and things steal our joy, but when are we going to start fighting back. We have to be strong minded. So, I’m challenging  you to  develop an “I-W-G-U-” attitude, which stands for I Won’t Give Up”. With this  type of attitude, every time a door  closes, you’ll add another seed to your jar, and say “another one will  open”. When things go wrong,  you’ll add several seeds to your jar  of  Faith, and say “My God has brought me to far to leave me, and trouble does not always last”. Plant those seeds now, so they  will continue to  nourish. Remember, “Faith without works is dead” (~James 2:17~). Your future depends on your  mustards seeds…be encouraged and not discouraged my friends.

Until next time,

~Felicia _Yolanda~

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