Blasting the “What If’s”

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Life…it can be filled with a lot of “WHAT IF’S”, that’s if you let it.

Like…”What if” the person you’ve been looking for is standing right there in front you, always has been,  but you overlooked them chasing something that doesn’t exist.

Take a moment, think about it.


What if, your career was ready to take off, but you limited it because you put a hold on your passion.


What if the opportunity came for you to ” Be Everything You’ve Imagine You Could Be”, but you’re confined to chains  because of the way society has sculpted your brain.

That’s really something to think about.

It all goes back to Langston Hughes “A Dream Deferred”.

Will *YOU* let your dream ” Dry up like raisin in the sun, or fester like a sore.. and then run”.

Tick Tock… the clock is running. The time is now. Start declaring your Success.

It’s your time…2018 a year where dreams will not be deferred.





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