L.I.F.E, that’s a word we all have to live and get through, but sometimes it’s easy to get to a state of mind where you feel like you are no longer ” Good Enough”. You know when it starts to seem like nothing in your life is going right. Your workload continues to pile up, and everything you turn in to your boss or do to look good in front of your boss is criticized. It’s not only criticism from your boss, but your co-workers are whispering things behind your back, and all you’re trying to do, is your part. Not to mention, you just got turned down for a promotion you’ve wanted, or may have even gotten fired.

That’s not the only weight you’re carrying. When you leave work, your significant other is complaining about the way you dress, how you don’t like to go out, or you didn’t do something that he or she wanted you to do. Not to mention your homegirl, or homeboy is bugging because you didn’t answer the phone when they called and they need your advice on a certain situation. Now, they’re mad and sending you guilt texts to make you bad.

I know it’s just like that old saying “If it ain’t one thing, it’s another”.  It’s like everyone is coming at you from each and every angle they can, not realizing your frustrations, or what you’re going through. You’re probably starting to think, “I guess I’m not good enough, I can’t be who they want, or be there for them when they want me too.

STOP!!!! Take a deep breath. Inhale…now exhale. Close your eyes for a second and tune everything and everyone else out, because all that matters right now is you. Let’s go ahead and REBUKE that feeling/thought because my friend you are MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH. You are a fighter. No matter how much criticism you get on your job, you’re still striving to put your best foot forward. It may seem like a lot of weight on your shoulder right now, but “You’ve Got This” (The I Got This Attitude“), and your effort believe me isn’t going unnoticed. You don’t have to be the “Worrier”, because you are a “Warrior”.

When the pressure packs on in your relationships, it’s okay to kindly remind your significant other that the point of it all is that you’re are still by their side and you have been showing support for him or her since day one. You never promised perfection but you’re striving for progression because every relationship has room for growth. That’s what you want to do with one another build, not tare down. Remember it takes two in a relationship to build unity and become one.

As far as friends go, true friends forgive and understand that you are not always going to be able to answer the phone when they call but will get back with them as soon as you can. If they can’t understand that, then my dear, it may be time for you to rethink who your REAL FRIENDS are.

My request for you is that anytime you start to feel like you are not good enough, look around at all the things you’ve accomplished. Look at your growth as a person. No one said it would be easy, and the trails and tribulations are going to continue, that’s LIFE. But, you’ve got to keep your head up and stay positive. My friend you still here on earth, you are still standing, working and striving each day for a better tomorrow. Go to the mirror, look into your own beautiful eyes and say out loud “I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH”, because you are a King or Queen. If someone else does not see that, that is because they are blind.

Felicia_ Yolanda.

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